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Join the Annex TV Referral Rewards Program

Here’s How It Works:

  1. REFER US: Share the magic of Annex TV with friends or businesses you believe should be in the spotlight on one of our television programs.
  2. COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW: Provide us with your details and those of your referral using the form on this page. It’s quick, easy, and ensures you’re linked to the referral.
  3. REWARD TIME: If your referral is selected to be featured on an Annex TV program, we’ll express our gratitude with a Coles Myer Gift Card valued up to $500!* It’s our way of thanking you for helping us discover new stories and expand our community.

Why Participate?

  • Be a Connector: You have the unique opportunity to bring forward stories that matter, connecting your network with a platform that can amplify their voice.
  • Earn Rewards: Enjoy the tangible thanks from us to you, with a generous Coles Myer Gift Card.
  • Support Growth: Your referrals help Annex TV grow, enabling us to bring more diverse and engaging content to our audience.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Your recommendation could be the reason a story gets told on a national scale. Dive into your network, think of who deserves this chance, and refer them to Annex TV. It’s a win-win-win: for you, for them, and for our viewers across the country.

Please Read Before Proceeding: We value transparency and trust, hence we encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting any referrals. This ensures you fully understand how the Referral Rewards Program works and what to expect.

REFER US NOW and become a pivotal part of our community’s growth. Your referral could be the next big story we share on Annex TV.


*Terms and Conditions apply. Please ensure you read these thoroughly to understand eligibility, reward processing, and other important details of the Referral Rewards Program.